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Digital content marketing and training

'Clarita' means 'clear' and 'bright'. And that's what I bring to your social media world. With a successful project track record working with a wide range of brands and companies, I create clear messaging and bright engagement, increasing reach to target customers. And did I mention clear pricing? I look at finding a solution to suit your budget and get your digital world buzzing.


How I can help you.

Microlearning in 7 days for super busy people. Starting at £20.

Webinar courses, workshops and mentoring starting at £40.

Building and maintaining communities around your brand.

Strategy, content creation including images plus blog management.

Influencer outreach (bloggers), competitions, paid social, e-mail marketing.

Social media assessment, insights reporting, analysis and monitored project plans.

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Tips and resources on all things digital.

Social Tribe

Who Is Your Social Tribe?

If you don’t understand who your social tribe is online, then your content efforts risk to fall on deaf ears. They are your cheerleaders, your focus groups all leading to your customers and sales! Grab a pen, a blank sheet of paper and brainstorm who you think your community is. Who are your ‘Allies’? These are […]

What Does Your Facebook Page Cover Photo Say About Your Business?

Social media branding is just as important as branding elsewhere in your business. But you’d be surprised the number of pages I come across where it’s not clear what the business proposition is or that it’s the exact business I’m looking for. What does your Facebook page cover say about your business? Be Consistent Use […]

aim high

Twitter Training With Sky High Potential

I’m thrilled to be hosting a Twitter training with sky high potential at The Mumpreneurs Networking Club flagship networking event, MNC Live on 29th March 2017. Using social media is a cost effective way to market your business, with Twitter being one of the easiest platforms to connect and grow audiences. We will learn how best to leverage […]

Get Image Smart

When I first started building my digital and social media world, the one tip I could have used back then was to get image smart i.e. organise my images properly. Because when you find yourself *having* to do it, it’s a labourious and painful task. Starting your website and social media image library is a tip […]

Introducing Social Media Micro Learning For Busy People

Introducing social media micro learning for super busy people on social media and digital marketing. When you run a business, it never stops. There’s always more you can be doing, always plates to spin. That’s because our business is usually out of a passion and desire to offer something special to customers. My micro-learning courses for […]

e-mail cleanse

Too Many E-mail Notifications? Time For An Inbox Cleanse

Is your inbox overwhelmed with e-mail notifications? Some sites sent too many, they feel relentless, annoying and unnecessary. It could be time for an inbox cleanse. Ask yourself a simple question. If you’re getting e-mail notifications from your social media profiles, how much time are you actually spending on them? I used to think that perhaps notification of […]

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