Too Many E-mail Notifications? Time For An Inbox Cleanse

IMG_9822Is your inbox overwhelmed with e-mail notifications? Some sites sent too many, they feel relentless, annoying and unnecessary. It could be time for an inbox cleanse.

Ask yourself a simple question. If you’re getting e-mail notifications from your social media profiles, how much time are you actually spending on them? I used to think that perhaps notification of a new follower while you’re building up your community, would be helpful. But all the while you’re trying to manage the influx of notifications from several sources in your e-mail box, precious time ‘live’ on social media is being taken away.

E-mail cleansing

A ritual e-mail list cleanse is helpful when you are inundated with e-mail bulletins. Not only for you but for the content creators. They need to know if their bulletins are appealing and worth subscribing to, so the unsubscribe process send a message (although ideally a last resort if they are monitoring their newsletter stats properly).

The first thing you could do in 2017 is create a folder in your e-mail to park e-mails from lists you’re unsure whether to stay on or not. Take 10 minutes to browse the lists and make a shortlist of those you want to stay on.

Social media notifications

When you start a new account on social media platforms, some of them operate an ‘opt out’ policy on notifications. And there are a lot of notifications they could send you; new followers, comments, retweets, new tweets from followers…So the FIRST thing you do, if you don’t want your inbox clogged up with these, is check the e-mail notifications settings.

Twitter settings
E-mail notifications in Twitter
Facebook settings
E-mail notifications in Facebook

Check all accounts you open on-line for e-mail notifications, shopping accounts, survey websites – some companies have relentless communication funnels. If you want to browse these mails from time to time. using an e-mail consolidation tool such as can be really helpful.

A new ritual

Once you’ve tidied up your e-mail inbox, subscriptions and notifications you may risk to lose track of your digital activity. Therefore, it’s time to introduce a new ritual.

Take the time saved managing your inbox and use it to check your social media accounts daily, you monitor, read and connect with your community. If you have more than one account, use a 3rd party browser/ publisher platform such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to simplify your monitoring. This is more authentic and more effective than anything else you will do. It will help grow, inspired and is much more fun than managing annoying notifications in your inbox!

For complete e-mail organisation directly to your mailing lists, instant messaging platforms and to-do apps then explore the wonderful world of Zapier.

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