What Does Your Facebook Page Cover Photo Say About Your Business?

Social media branding is just as important as branding elsewhere in your business. But you’d be surprised the number of pages I come across where it’s not clear what the business proposition is or that it’s the exact business I’m looking for. What does your Facebook page cover say about your business?

Be Consistent

Use images with the same style and presentation as your website quickly helps customers make the association between your page and your brand. And of course optimise the size and make sure it complies with Facebook rules. The current Facebook page layout means the whole image appears like a banner at the top, so crop and position carefully.

Say Something

Your visual story is as important as the words on your page (if not more). What do you want customers to know first when they arrive on your page? The 20% text rule does not apply to cover pages but be aware, images with too much text or that are too salesy tend to put people off. Inspire your customers to say and find out more.

Be Strategic

Your logo should remain static (unless you’ve rebranded of course) but your cover image is an opportunity to showcase the latest focus for your business. Are you running an event? Or launched a new product or service? The coverĀ image is the perfect location to place a powerful call to action.

Cover examples which work;

Amazon – they change their cover page to their current flagship promotion which aligns best with the Facebook audience. Pretty subtle but clever.

facebook page sample

Apple – of all the products they could feature from their amazing range, they chose this…makes you want to know more doesn’t it?

Gousto – can you guess what this company does from their name, logo and cover page? Pretty much.

facebook page cover

Puressentiel – this company have used the cover to feature their latest product launch.

facebook page cover

TOM’s – what does this image say to you? Casually hanging out in casual shoes…

facebook page cover


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