Who Is Your Social Tribe?

If you don’t understand who your social tribe is online, then your content efforts risk to fall on deaf ears. They are your cheerleaders, your focus groups all leading to your customers and sales! Grab a pen, a blank sheet of paper and brainstorm who you think your community is.

Who are your ‘Allies’?

These are your friends and family or even employees and suppliers. Firstly, never be shy to ask your inner circle for a leg up to get that community started. They should be happy to support you! Employees, sub-contractors, collaborators and suppliers are already a part of your business community. Cultivate two-way social support by reading their posts and following their profiles too.

Who are your ‘Peers’?

For small business, your industry colleagues are vital for growing your community. Gone are the days where competitors ‘play cards close to their chests’. Obviously, I don’t mean sharing sensitive business information but not being so afraid to collaboration and communicate about industry challenges and changes. Industry peers can support and inspire each other, especially online. Hunt them out, chat and bring them into your world.

Who are your ‘Advocates’?

Do you engage your most loyal customers? It’s a mistake many businesses make, by passing those in the fervent quest for new customers. But your existing loyal customers are advocates for your brand and their voices should be amplified. Have a strategy on how to reward them either with social reciprocation (mentions, follow Friday) or even discounts for shares. Modern online businesses offer kick-backs for digital recommendation,  make the tech work for you!

Who are your ‘Customers’?

All these help build a picture of your customer profile, the demographic most likely to make a purchase. Using the insights social media platforms make available to you (free of charge), find out when they’re online, which of your posts they’ve engaged with the most and what other companies they follow and engage with (easier on Twitter and Instagram, than Facebook).

Do you now have a picture of who your social media tribe is? 

Spending 30 minutes to 1 hour figuring out the above, will definitely trigger a few lightbulb moments for you what you want to say to your customers on social media.

light bulb moment


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