Understanding Social Seasonality

Do you understand your business’ sales seasonality? Then you also need to understand your social media seasonality which may not necessarily follow the same pattern. Going to the trouble of posting messages when your customers are not on-line could end up being a huge waste of your valuable time.

August is dead. Most people are on enjoying the summer, taking a trip or socialising with friends during those lighter evenings. They may dip their toes in social media, perhaps sharing a few ‘I am fabulous’ travel snaps but generally, if you’re hoping for great engagement during this period be prepared to be disappointed.

Believe it or not, I have heard some social media managers struggle to manage their clients’ expectations around the summer dip in traffic. The availability of the tech on smartphones is often mistakenly interpreted as a marketing strategy to reach customers at all times, to maximise potential sales where other media channels may not offer the same exposure for a brand.

It’s not that people aren’t using their phones, nor social media, it’s the mindset which has shifted into ‘don’t sell to me, I’m on holiday’. Businesses need to develop a content strategy which retains customer loyalty but dials down the hard sell, while staying on message.

This kind of maintenance content strategy should be an integral part of the social media content cycle all year round. For most businesses summer will be a struggle to reach people but not all. Christmas can also be a challenge for some brands for example. Research competition brands social media activity, monitor your own social media analytics and keep monthly reports to capture those insights.

Understanding your social media seasonality is key to retaining audiences. It shows sensitivity towards your customer’s social media habits, which in turn should develop loyalty within your digital community. And a loyal community, is a powerful one.


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