Introducing Social Media Mentoring

I’ve got something exciting to share with you for 2016. I’ve got a neat little package of social media self-help waiting for you to open…

While spending some time networking with small business and freelancers, the most common thing I hear in response to my occupation is how people would like to do ‘more’ or get ‘better’ at using social media. And I can help.

Often small businesses don’t have the budget to employ round-the-clock social media management. But it should be an essential part of their marketing tool-kit. This is where my 2016 social media mentoring and training programme will come in.

This digital world is where I belong. I’m always exploring new technology, content trends and tools for clients. I use experience gained working on previous and current projects with brands, large organisations and charities to put together strategies which produce results and grow your communities and audience reach.

I have combined this knowledge into a programme for small business and freelancers. Visit my latest offers page to find a subscription to suit your budget.

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Let’s Make Beautiful Content Together

There’s nothing more satisfying than working on a set of content for customers after establishing a brief. And it’s even more satisfying reading through your final draft. It’s like poetry – yes you heard me correctly, beautiful, well-crafted poetry.

As readers of other people’s feeds, we probably take for granted the effort businesses make to communicate with their customers. After all, for many users, social media is immediate, chatty and informal. But for business, you need to understand your audience, their habits and tailor content to enhance their social experience if you really want to build an organic loyal following.

When I speak with clients about content, I talk about structure, tone and engagement. These values turn messages into poetry.

Structure; gives context to the information businesses need consumers to know, woven around planned themes, relevant events and fully optimised publishing cycles (e.g. times of week and day when customers are on-line).

Tone; connects customers with a business to feel safe and listened to. The balance of character behind the business voice must match the product or service they are offering. A local pub, for example, can afford to be more playful than a high street bank.

Engagement; creates the call-to-action, builds a two-way hub around the brand and an invites readers to be a part of your business. If you truly want to make an impact in the social media domain, you must consider how you’ll converse with followers before hitting ‘post’ to make comments live. Call it a type of pre-considered spontaneity.

A good raft of content for social channels has this blend of qualities embedded within. Where technical tools are the bones, this is the flesh. And any content writer understands this.

If you’re stuck in a content rut, drop me a line. Let’s make poetry, together.