Twitter Training With Sky High Potential

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I’m thrilled to be hosting a Twitter training with sky high potential at The Mumpreneurs Networking Club flagship networking event, MNC Live on 29th March 2017.

Using social media is a cost effective way to market your business, with Twitter being one of the easiest platforms to connect and grow audiences. We will learn how best to leverage the platform to reach more customers and then practice everything in a chat session from one of the best views in the UK.

Twitter was created to be the ‘text messaging’ of the Internet, which is why still today it’s one of the chattiest and most interactive platforms. It is also one of the primary platforms for businesses and brands, especially with the targeted ads functionality and the data it can provide about customers and their social media habits.

On the training you will learn;

  • Networking and building your community. Twitter is one of the easiest platforms to grow a following and raise awareness of your products and services. Get tips on how to get ‘social’ by tagging other users, understanding hashtags plus making the most of the chat hours.
  • How to best use all the functions. Even if you use Twitter regularly, it may be handy to have a recap on the purpose and messaging best practice.
  • What content works for your business. We will explore what text works best and how to capture and post images and video. We will understand what our audiences are likely to read and react to.
  • Customer relationship management. Learn how to turn those comments from customers on Twitter into powerful brand advocacy.
  • Measure your efforts. We’ll take a brief look at the data Twitter offers free to all users and what it tells you about your content and customers.
  • General social media content and networking tips which will work across other platforms.

The course content is packed with tips and inspiration for most levels with a chance to immediately try what you’ve learned while enjoying a breath taking experience – a flight on the British Airways i360.

In the same format as our popular #MNCHour Wednesday chat, we’ll ask delegates a thought-provoking question about their business goals plus set a mini challenge to post certain content while enjoying the view and networking with other passionate entrepreneurs.

I have also pulled together a team of social media savvy bloggers to be on hand to help, get a glimpse of how these prolific tweeters have mastered the platform.

At £85 for non-members and £70 for members, including your British Airways i360 flight, refreshments and a champagne lunch, this is a rare chance to learn important skills for your business, make valuable contacts, have fun and be inspired!

SO…what are you waiting for? Grab your ticket today before they go.

Get Image Smart

When I first started building my digital and social media world, the one tip I could have used back then was to get image smart i.e. organise my images properly. Because when you find yourself *having* to do it, it’s a labourious and painful task.

Starting your website and social media image library is a tip that is in all my training courses. We know that visual images and video clips connect with users in a more memorable and emotional way, making the message more impactful.

So we all need to think visually when trying to convey certain aspects of our business. That does not necessarily mean becoming a great photographer but it does mean becoming a visual editor. We are probably doing this subconsciously already.

But we probably aren’t doing is making sure these images are organised on and off line. Here’s my simply checklist of things you should be doing with all your images:

  1. First check you have the rights to use them more than once. Stealing photos is unethical and will come back to bite you. There are tools such as TinEye where photographers can find who is using them and ask you to take them down.
  2. If you commissioned professional photography for your business either a) ask for versions optimised to appear correctly on social platforms, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram OR b) do it yourself using a tool such as Canva.
  3. Store images in folders, organising them in a logical system which is easy to pull out when posting on social. If you’re using Google Drive online, this may be tricky to add photos when in a social media app. It’s easier to store images as files on your computer but ensure you back them up.
  4. Always label images when you upload to a website or blog, helping you find them if you want to add to another post. Although it’s advisable to add new images to each post, as busy people, it won’t be completely devastating to reuse an image. Just ensure there’s a good time lag in between instances.
  5. Add alt tags and title tags, a key SEO optimisation step for your website. Read more from Yoast about why you should be doing this. There should be fields in the uploader form in which to put these tags. Especially if you’re using WordPress.
  6. Try to source or create images which are ‘evergreen’ i.e. ensure text or image is not time bound. This gives you more flexibility to use images in your library again.

If you have anything else to add, please feel free in the comments below. I’m sure I haven’t exhausted all the steps we should be taking to keep on top of this image hungry world!

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Introducing Social Media Micro Learning For Busy People

social media courseIntroducing social media micro learning for super busy people on social media and digital marketing. When you run a business, it never stops. There’s always more you can be doing, always plates to spin. That’s because our business is usually out of a passion and desire to offer something special to customers.

My micro-learning courses for busy people are designed to take around 30 minutes a day, during one working week. After purchasing the course, you’ll be sent a daily email with a tutorial and a practical assignment. After the course is completed, you’ll get a training booklet to keep to revisit any of the materials and try the practical exercises again to keep improving. I’ve broken down the essentials for your business, so you can start getting great results immediately.

My first course Instagram For Business Networking is LIVE, at the very reasonable price of £20 for over 3 hours of course time. Making it excellent value for businesses on a tight budget!