Set your summer social media to ‘simmer’

Summer can typically be a time for low engagement on social media. And while I believe it’s vital to ‘switch off’ for a short while to step away from the constant flow of chat and narrative, you shouldn’t leave your customers high and dry – they may go elsewhere! Get ready to set your social media to ‘simmer’ to keep that community thriving and heading back in your direction when they’re ready.

For a special price of £30 I’m offering a 4 week ‘light touch’ e-learning programme via e-mail to keep your skills and inspiration bubbling away. Each day you’ll receive a valuable tip, exercise or tutorial.

The best thing is they can easily be parked during your downtime and picked up again other days. PLUS you’ll receive a booklet at the end with all the exercises and membership to a closed support group on Facebook.

Summer is also a great time to experiment, doing more of what you LOVE and having fun with social media. Especially with visual media!

SO…what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

7 steps images-2


Enrollment to the programme will be available from 19th July – 10th August.

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